Thursday, February 15, 2007

He didn't ask me, but...

...Here's what I'd suggest to Phil Savage. You've got a lot of dough for free agents. I think it's around $26 Million. Spend it. Here's how:

1. Offer huge money to get Max Starks (OT---Pittsburgh) as a free agent. He's restricted. Get him or make Pittsburgh go all out to keep him. He's only 25 and could be a stud for a long time.

2. Make sure you end up with at least two starting offensive linemen out of free agency. In addition to or instead of Starks, Eric Steinbach (G/OT---Cincinnati) would look mighty good in a pumpkin helmet. He's really a guard, but was pressed into duty as a tackle and did pretty well. I'd be happy with him as a guard or tackle. He's an unrestricted free agent and only 27. So, it's just gonna be the number of zeroes on his offer sheet. Leonard Davis (OT'---Arizona) is also unrestricted. He's a bit of an underachiever considering that he was the # 2 pick in the draft, but he's only 29 and is 6'6" and about 340 pounds. He knows how to pass block. The other guy Savage should consider is Luke Petitgout (OT---NYG). The Giants just let him go today in a cost-cutting move. He's 30 and is better than any tackle in Cleveland. That's also true of Mike Gandy (OT---Chicago). This may be the deepest group of talented free agent offensive linemen in years. Don't blow it by failing to sign a couple.

3. Get an impact defensive player like Dwight Freeney (DE---Indianapolis), or better yet, grab local boy, Nate Clements (CB---Buffalo). They're both unrestricted free agents and young. Either one upgrades the defense and gives it something it needs. Justin Smith of Cincinnati is also a free agent, but it looks like Cinci will put a franchise tag on him.

4. Get some real talent in the draft. If you get blockers through free agency, take Adrian Peterson and give him the damn ball... a lot. If you don't get linemen in free agency, trade the #3 or #4 pick and get as many hosses as you can.

5. Make it clear to Crennel that he has to take charge and just win.

6. Lastly, slap Braylon Edwards and tell him to shut the f*** up.


Vinny said...

The Bengals did put the franchise tag on Justin Smith.
Since I wouldn't want them to give up first round draft choices, that takes Smith off my wish list.

Ben said...

a haul of Steinbach and Starks would be very impressive. Then I'd draft Peterson and and maybe even look at Troy Smith in the second or third. An offense that features Peterson, Winslow and Edwards wouldn't be too shabby...

(though, if they can't entice FA linemen, they absolutely have to draft 'em.)

Anonymous said...

Could it really be that easy?