Sunday, December 24, 2006


Just when you thought the Browns couldn't get worse, they surpass expectations. They really looked like crap today against a really bad team.

The good news is that, if the season ended right now, they'd get that top five pick I predicted on day one.

Don't telephone the Rhino to wish him a merry anything. He was at the game today. Don't be surprised if he tries hari kari with one of Mrs. Rhino's cheese spreaders.

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Erik said...

Don't do it, Rhino.

At least wait until the Browns are once again good enough to tank in the AFC Championship Game before you consider hara-kiri.

In the pantheon of team-assisted suicide methods, these Browns aren't worth the three easy installments of $29.95 it would take to buy a Ronco Turkey BasterMagic Oven so you could stick your head inside.

Here's what every fan should do: take a hot shower to relax, then send your water bill to the Browns.