Sunday, December 03, 2006

They did it again.

The Youngstown State University Penguins won again by beating the Illinois State Redbirds 28-21. YSU's QB, Tom Zetts, threw for two touchdowns and ran for another, but the defense sealed the win. The Redbirds took possession of the ball with two minutes left to play and were driving downfield, when YSU closed it out with an interception.

YSU advances to play perennial powerhouse and this year's number 1 seed, Appalachian State, at Kidd Brewer Stadium. Appy State is looking to repeat as champion. The team features a powerful offense and a rugged, stifling defense. Plus, the Mountaineers are 26-0 at home.

The Penguins are decided underdogs, and on paper, they shouldn't be in the same game as Appy State.


Ms. Anotop said...

Why does the YSU Pengiun look so miserable? Cheer up Mr. Fast Feet.

LJ said...

I'm fairly certain that Pete is trying his very best to look "tough", which, as a penguin, is pretty much impossible to pull off. However, Pete is definitey the best penguin (and one of the best over-all, in my opinion) mascots ever...go Penguins!!

Uncle June said...

Maybe he looks miserable because most penguins mate for life.