Saturday, December 23, 2006

Nut cutting time

Okay. The Browns have stunk up the joint for the entire season. They've made season ticket holders and PSL payors feel like chumps. They've driven the local sports guys to indifference. They've even embittered the long-time, sentimental fans who actually wake up every day believing that that elusive Super Bowl is just around the corner.

Well, now they get to piss off the stat-freaks and draft-niks. They also get to make me wrong. In my first post for this season, I predicted that they'd earn a top five pick in next year's draft. The current standings show the Browns (4-10) with one of the worst six records in the NFL. So, they're right about where I thought they would be, but here's where they could really screw things up for a top five pick. Their final two games are against fellow doormats, Tampa Bay (3-11) and Houston (4-10). In true Cleveland tradition, they'll probably beat one or both in meaningless games.

Rest assured that the offensive tackle, shut down corner or quarterback that you pray the Browns will take, won't be there when they pick 8th.


Chris McVetta said...

Interesting stuff, Vinny - and, more importantly, RIGHT ON THE MONEY.

I'd feel less concerned about the Browns if they would consult the San Diego Chargers before each and every draft pick...

The Chargers seem to have the ability to wave their magic wand and pull "a rabbit out of their hat" while the rest of the NFL is busy mocking them.

The proof is in this pudding: WHO is laughing about Michael Vick and Eli Manning NOW.

Ghost of Paul Brown said...

Why stress out? You know they'll take a receiver.

Anonymous said...

I have a weird feeling that the Browns will get the franchise left tackle in the next draft. A guy like Joe Thomas of Wisconsin. And, call me insane, but somehow we end up getting Notre Dame's QB Brady Quinn also in some kind of bizarre draft day circumstance.

Hornless Rhino said...

What I love about the last comment is that it was posted on September 4, 2007. Nice job, Kreskin.

What scares me is that whoever posted was searching for information on "nut cutting."