Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Light it UP!

I can't remember the last time I really looked forward to the start of the NBA season, but man, am I ever looking forward to the start of this one. Hell, even the Cavs' website intro is firing me up--and I'm not anybody's idea of a big pro hoops fan.

It's been almost 10 years since we've had a team in this town where the relevant question isn't "have they hit bottom?" but "how far can they go?" Yeah, I know that we all talked ourselves into 90 wins for the Tribe this season, but in hindsight, we should've known better. I don't think you can say that about the Cavs.

Can they win it all? Maybe not, but they can sure make it interesting. SI ranks them only 7th best overall and ESPN ranks them even lower, but EA Sports' NBA Live simulation predicts that the Cavs will make the NBA finals, and so does the Stanford Daily. Sure, it's a student newspaper, but on the other hand, what were your SATs, bunky?

Whatever you think of their chances to grab this town's first title since 1964, this is a team that won 50 games last year and came within a whisker of the Eastern Conference finals. The conference is better this season, but so are they. More importantly, so is he.

Now, this is the point where we traditionally start snapping patella tendons, right?

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