Sunday, November 26, 2006


The Cleveland Browns disgraced themselves this afternoon. No, not because they stunk, but because they quit. There's no other way to describe their gutless performance against the Bengals. Just when you think it can't get worse, these incompetent jackasses get shut out by the worst defense in the National Football League.

Charlie Frye was f---in' atrocious, but he had plenty of company on both sides of the ball. Braylon Edwards showed that while he may not be a very good receiver, he's definitely a first rate clubhouse cancer. But you know what? At least he gives a damn, which is more than I can say for most of the rest of the team.

Hey coaches, your team quit, and that didn't appear to bother you a bit. The more I watch this team, the more I think that Romeo Crennel's sole game day contribution appears to be to make mindless replay challenges that have no chance of succeeding. Michigan State, if you want somebody whose teams show promise and then collapse as totally as John L. Smith's did, it looks like Todd Grantham's definitely your man. Jeff Davidson, your offense has scored one touchdown in three weeks, and--I'll say it again--just got shut out by the WORST DEFENSE IN THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE!!!

Phil Savage, aside from being a first rate practitioner of office politics and an engineer of mediocre drafts, could you explain to us just what exactly you do? Whatever you do appears to have no discernible impact on this club's performance. Maybe it's because when all is said and done, you're just an empty suit who is in way over his head.

Randy Lerner, we heard a rumor that you were "annoyed" by your front office. We don't care. Just sell the team, Randy. You never wanted to be in this business in the first place, so sell it now, and let somebody who isn't more interested in English soccer than Cleveland football run it.

Have I missed anyone of note in the Browns' coaching staff or front office? If so, I apologize for the oversight and offer my sincere assurances that I think you're worthless too.

Time to hit the reset button again. Maybe the fourth time's the charm.


Erik said...

It's time for Crennel to go, which is too bad. Everything that happened today can be chalked up to the team's demeanor, not their talent level. That's Crennel.

He's almost 60, the age when most people are getting ready to retire, or have already. Crennel is a good guy and means well, but he's just too old and lacks the energy and vision to turn around a team as messed up as the Browns.

Anonymous said...

Frye is an average BACK-UP quarterback...he is not going to lead any team to the promised land.