Monday, September 25, 2006

That Sucked Too, But Not As Much

Betcha didn't know that the Browns' 60th anniversary celebration was going to include a tribute to Red Right 88, did ya?

This week, instead of an incompetent and lethargic effort that made watching the game only marginally more fun than a tooth extraction, the Browns treated fans to 60 minutes of hard-hitting football--and if it wasn't always high on competence, at least it was always high on effort. Ultimately, the game had the heartbreaking outcome we've come to count on: remember Terry Pluto's column after Game 7? "You're from Cleveland, so you knew it would end like this."

I've got no idea why, with the way that the Browns' defense was playing, they decided to throw the ball over the middle on the Ravens four yard line. I think I'd have been content with a field goal. But I honestly can't bitch too much about that, because for the first time this year, I actually believed that somebody on the field gave a shit. Not coincidentally, for the first time this year, I also see a glimmer of hope. Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards can play, kiddies, and Charlie Frye's cajones are so big that it's a wonder he can even stand up. Hell, they may even have the makings of a run defense (although I'm still skeptical there).

I don't want to get carried away here, because not only did they blow an 11 point lead in the fourth quarter, but there remain gigantic problems on this team. Unless this was the start of a trend, the Browns are still staring 3-13 in the face. They continue to have no running game, the offensive line's still horrendous, and I'd say that Hugo Chavez has a better chance of being the keynote speaker at the Republican Convention than Charlie Frye does of making it through the season in one piece.

All that being said, for one Sunday at least, they made me remember why I give a damn in the first place.


Mike said...

It was the ghosts of Red Right 88 + The Drive + the Browns moving, all rolled into one!

And you just know if they tried to run the ball into the end zone at the end, we would have revisited The Fumble.

Diamond Dave said...

Is it just me, or does it seem like opposing kickers never miss important field goals against the Browns?

Erik said...

They do, but usually a Browns player is lined up in the neutral zone, resulting in a five-yard penalty and a re-kick.

Hornless Rhino said...


Browns players also have been known to help opposing kickers get in range by taking their helmets off in celebration of their own magnificence.