Saturday, September 30, 2006

Just Lose, Baby!

The Browns are 0-3, but count your blessings--at least you're not a Raider fan. Like the Browns, the Raiders are winless, but over the course of the past month, Raider Nation has not only had to put up with lousy football, but also with a laughing wide receiver, a whining running back, and complete incompetence at quarterback. Hell, the Raiders are even having trouble getting their plays off on time.

Andrew Walter will start for the Raiders at QB. Walter replaced Aaron Brooks, whose most notable contribution to the team during his tenure as a starter was to serve as a source of mirth for Jerry Porter. How bad was Brooks? He was benched for a guy whose current passer rating is 19. The Raiders are last in the AFC in total offense, averaging less than 150 yards per game. For some idea of just how bad that is, keep in mind that the Browns rank second to last in total offense, and yet they are averaging over 100 yards per game more than Oakland.

The story doesn't get much better on defense, where teams are scoring an average of four touchdowns a game against Oakland. Of course, the Browns aren't exactly a defensive powerhouse either, and actually lag well behind the Raiders in total defense.

The Raiders have played only two games and are coming off a bye. Right now, they look like a team in complete disarray--much like the Browns looked just before the Baltimore game. This is a game that the Browns should win, but God help them if they don't.

If the Browns fail to build on their performance against the Ravens and get a win under their belt against what is a truly terrible football team, then predictions of a 3-13 season may start to look optimistic. That's because as far as the Browns' schedule goes, it's all uphill from here.

I think they'll get it done. I don't think it will be pretty, but I think the Browns will get their first victory. (Please, God!)

Browns 13, Raiders 7.

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Chris McVetta said...

If the Brownies lose THIS ONE, I'll bring the torches bring the angry mob ...and I'll meet ya in Berea!