Monday, August 14, 2006

Suggs for Strait

The Browns traded Lee Suggs to the Jets for Derrick Strait.

My first thought is "jeez, are the Browns really that thin at DB?" I know McCutcheon and Baxter are injured, but last I heard, neither injury is expected to keep either player out beyond the first game of the season. Sure, they need help just about everywhere, but DB isn't a position that strikes me as that big of a priority compared to the team's other needs, like the offensive line.

That's why my initial reaction to the trade is disappointment. The Jets are in bad shape at running back, and Suggs is probably the highest value player that the Browns had to deal. Maybe Suggs isn't worth as much as I think, but it seems to me that the Browns basically gave the Jets a running back who (if he stays healthy) will probably start for them in exchange for a guy who couldn't crack their starting lineup as a DB, and probably won't start for the Browns either.

On the other hand, Phil Savage has earned a reputation for having a pretty good eye for defensive talent, while I have earned a reputation for being a 21st century version of Ralph Kramden.

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Dan said...

I've always kinda felt that Suggs was expendable, especially since we got Reuban. Unless the Browns went for the Split Back formation, (which they haven't done since the Byner/Mack days) having two RB's of that calibur was basically a waste of money. We've still got Green and that young kid (the name escapes me at the moment) to fill the depth chart.