Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Mess at Center

So now the story is that center du jour Alonzo Ephraim is going to be suspended for four games for flunking his second drug test. That's nice. According to Tony Grossi's article, the Browns are blaming their ignorance of Ephraim's situation on "the haste to get him into camp and a communication snafu with the league office." In plain English, a "communication snafu with the league office" means "we f---ed up."

Don't blame this one on the jinx. It's simply an inexcusable oversight by the team's front office, which was obviously sent into full panic mode by LeCharles Bentley's injury.

What's next, news that Ross Tucker--better known as Center #4-- has been placed on the injured reserve list because of a bad case of stigmata?

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