Wednesday, July 12, 2006

LeBron James is One Sharp Guy

The more I learn about LeBron's deal with the Cavs, the smarter I think the guy is. Sure, his agent and/or other advisors had a big role in it, but you know what they say, "the sharp employ the sharp."

Think about it. He's shown Cleveland some love by agreeing to re-sign, but he's kept his options open. He's figured out a way to keep the pressure on Gilbert and Ferry to build a winner on his timetable, not theirs. If they screw up, he'll head out for greener pastures at the ripe old age of 26. If they build a winner and he's happy as a clam here, well, then he's preserved his ability to grab more dough from the Cavs after the league's CBA expires and the salary cap increases.

In short, LeBron has cemented his position as the real power behind this franchise, and probably the most powerful player in the NBA. In fact, some other big name players have decided to follow his lead on their own contracts. I'll bet there are some agents who are having a lot of fun trying to explain to their clients why they didn't think of this move before LeBron and his people came up with it.

What's James risking? Back end money if he gets hurt. Yes, that could add up to a lot of dough, but James is already well beyond the point where financial security is an issue. I mean, come on, the guy doesn't just have FU money-- his FU money has FU money. When you get to that point, you take some risks in exchange for upside potential.

I think it's fair to say that LeBron James understands that idea, and that it's also fair to say that he's just shown everybody that basketball isn't the only game that he plays very well.

Update: The Disappointment Zone makes the point that we shouldn't give too much credit to LeBron, because after all, Tim Duncan did it first.

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