Thursday, July 27, 2006

Down Goes Bentley

If you read the comments on the last post, you'll see that Mike from God Hates Cleveland Sports just tipped us off to this wonderful bit of news from Berea. Go read his site. I'm too sick to say anything else.

Update: Channel 5 has a story up on its website that includes video of the play, if you've got the stomach for it. Doesn't look good.

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Ben said...

The Cavs are in the middle of the offseason, the Indians are having a 'fire' sale (I mean, Wickman, Perez and Broussard? How can we ever survive?!) so lets turn our attention to Browns footba- what? really? 2nd day of camp? Of course this happened.

Sometimes... damn what else could you say. The Browns actually go out and get a good lineman (for the first time since they've come back) and of course this happens.