Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Visit from the ghost of Arnie Rothstein

I can finally stop gnashing my teeth each night when the Tribe loses. I figured it out, and as the saying goes, the truth will set you free.

The Indians aren't as bad as they've played. They can't be. Otherwise they'd be called the Royals.

I think they're just throwing games.

No one's told me that, but after the shenanigans of the third inning tonight, what can a reasonable person think? Both Broussard and Belliard fielded balls and got no one out. Belliard's came with the sacks juiced. He picked up a grounder on one hop---a tailor-made double play. Belliard faked the throw to second, and then faked the throw to first. But, he didn't throw the ball at all. The inning turned into a nightmare for Carsten Charles and another irritating night for the rest of us. Eight runs later, it was finally over. Tonight was one of those nights that had me wishing for a mercy rule, like most softball leagues use. Look, the Indians don't give a shit, and now neither do I. I turned off the game, and spent time with my kids.

Keep watching this site. I just may have to give away my season tickets.


Ms. Anotop said...

Question: How can the BEST team in MLB during the second half of 2005 be soo bad this year?

Answer: Mark Shapiro...and his mis-management of his pitching roster.

Vinny said...

I blame Wedge and the players. He doesn't know his ass from a hot rock when it comes to winning games in the big leagues.

Shapiro spent the limited money he had. Short arms Dolan put him in this spot.

Shapiro isn't blameless, but of all the culprits, he's least culpable.

Joey Peeps said...

I have to agree with Vinny; I don't see Shapiro as the epicenter of the earthquake which this season has become.

Speaking of baseball, when the hell did my favorite sport get so damn multiculturally politically correct that someone in the game gets hit with a fine for calling someone a finook? Don't get me wrong, I'm no Ozzie Guillen fan, and think he's frequently a jackass, but so he called a guy a fag? So what? It's not like Ozzie is Mark Furman or David Duke. Or for that matter, Kennesaw Mountain Landis. Maybe Proud to be your Bud is a finook, too.