Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bob Wickman is the greatest player ever.

That's not what I think. I'm just spreading the love.

At Sunday's game, 34 seniors from St. Ignatius High School commandeered two contiguous rows in the bleachers to bare their chests, each with one letter (including a period) to let the world know who's their guy.

Hey, Wickman's not the greatest player today. He's not even the greatest player on the Indians' current roster. But, I'm glad he's around. You've got to tip your hat to a guy who never bitches, never makes excuses, takes the ball every single time the phone rings, and looks like he could knock down a few Rolling Rocks and shots of Black Jack right after each game.

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Eric said...

After last year I was constantly whining and complaining about Wickman. It seemed like every time he got the ball in the 9th with a one run lead he managed to load the bases with one out before miraculously getting a double-play or a big strikeout. He is definitely not a sure thing out there, but the Indians bullpen was solid last year so it was easy to criticize him. This year the bullpen and Indians pitching in general has dropped off a ton, and I suddenly find myself thankful when I see the ball given to Wick to close out a game.