Sunday, June 04, 2006

Birthday BASH

The Tribe won big yesterday 14-2. Pronk came through on his 29th birthday with a grand salami, and the good guys scored some runs (a lot of them in fact) for Cliff Lee. Most of it was made possible by one of the most feared hitters in the game, Vladimir Guerrero, making a nonchalant attempt at a fly. It popped out of his glove. Later in the inning, Orlando Cabrera booted a Jhonny Peralta grounder. After that, the game became a pasting. The funny thing is that this was one of those games where the score was not indicative of what was happening. But for those two errors, it was a completely different game. Nevertheless, Cliff pitched well and I'll take the win.

I was at the game with my family. In addition to watching the Tribe win, we all got beach towels. My kids thought that was pretty cool. They were also pretty happy with Grady's bomb and the fireworks that followed it. Unfortunately, we missed Hafner's shot because we left early to get to a T-ball game. That sucked, but the good news is that my son (like everyone else's kid) got a hit and scored a run.

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