Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Royal Pain in the Ass

"Slip slidin’ away. Slip slidin’ away. You know the nearer your destination, the more you’re slip slidin’ away."

~~~Paul Simon

Maybe Paul Simon was singing about the Tribe. Well, the Tribe was swept by the World Champ...uh, um, well, they were swept by the most inept organization in the majors. This is a stunning defeat. The kind that gets people fired. So I say, quit screwing around. We're in a division with the best team in baseball. We can't afford to give that team another gigantic head start. Hire Lou Pinella now. He's a motivator, a scrapper, and most importantly, a winner. He made it pretty clear years ago that he'd love to manage here. We opted instead for good ol' Charlie at a big discount. Don't get me started "and things of that sort."

I know it's not solely attributable to Wedge. He's an okay manager. He doesn't lose many games, but he doesn't win many or save many either. And the apologists say it can't be all Carl Willis' fault. After all, last year the Indians' pitching was the envy of most every other team.

But, these two have been sitting on their arses while Rome burns and opposing teams steal ridiculous numbers of bases against us and win games they shouldn't.

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Joey Peeps said...

Sweet Lou would do wonders for this team. For starters, it wouldn't be a bad thing for some of the starters and just about all of the bullpen to fear the ass-reaming they would get from a pissed off Lou in the dugout after giving up home runs to the likes of Aaron Guiel and John Buck. Enough of this "even keel" attitude that permeates the clubhouse. These guys need to have some fear of what awaits them in the dugout when they fuck up out on the field.