Monday, May 15, 2006

Nice Night in Cleveland

That was a great game. I kept waiting and waiting for the shot, the fumble, red right 88, anything that would bring anguish and pain to our beloved city, but it never came. I actually had to put my drink down with a 3:26 to play because I didn't want to spill it all over the place when something bad happened. I'm still pessimistic about the series, but hell, it's been nice to win a couple.

That leads me to something that's been bugging me about the series with the Pistons. What's up with Richard Hamilton? How much weirder could that guy look? I guess I don't care now that we won, but he was kind of freakin' me out: the 'rows, the goat, the plastic shield, and the way he juts his head way too far from his body. That's too much.

The rain made it a kind of a perfecta here in Cleve. I had tickets to the Indians' game, but it was washed out. So, I was saved from watching the dreaded Royals stick it to us again. Instead, I watched the Cavs game. The Indians don't lose to a batch of no-name bums, and the Cavs give us another home playoff game. Very, very nice.


Anonymous said...

If the ref's would have disallowed the 3 pt shot that Queen James made with his foot out of bounds the Piston's would have won by two.

But we all know the officiating in the NBA is a joke. Just ask Mark Cuban.

Enjoy your breif moment in the sun, cause the storm is comming and you and the Cav's will be watching the Piston's in the finals from your TV's!

Kirk in the "D"

Hornless Rhino said...

Where's my earlier comment?

I trashed it because it occurred to me after I wrote it that Kirk might be a kid.

Vinny said...

I guess you don't want to end up like Bruce Drennan.

You sissy. You've mellowed.

Hornless Rhino said...

I remember that. Drennan spent about a month apologizing on the air for being mean to that kid.

I hope he gets another radio gig after his stint in the thinkin' room. He's kind of a horse's ass, but he's also an institution.