Thursday, May 11, 2006

God May Hate Cleveland Sports, But He Ain't Too Fond of Buffalo Either

There's no doubt that Cleveland is America's most tortured sports city. Case closed. That being said, Buffalo is a closer runner up than you'd think. Not only did Buffalo suffer through Wide Right and three increasingly aimless and depressing Super Bowl performances thereafter, but it also has had to endure No Goal, the loss of its NBA franchise, the Music City Miracle, and no championship in any sport since 1965 (we've got them beat by one year).

Let's not even bring up O.J. Simpson, okay?

Much like Cleveland, every victory by a Buffalo team merely sets the stage for an utterly crushing defeat. That's why, even though the Sabres are up three games to none on Ottawa, all you need to do is just mention the name "Dominik Hasek" to make me very nervous.


Mike said...

I think God just made Buffalo be Buffalo and left it there to rot, like the guy chained up at the end of Saw.

Hornless Rhino said...

Sure looked like it tonight. Buffalo's lead is now 3 games to 1. Still, from a theological perspective, I would think that a Buffalo Stanley Cup would help confirm your view that the Lord hates us most of all.

I mean, if he allows our nearest contender in sports futility to claim a title, then we are surely the most loathed of all his creation.