Monday, May 01, 2006

Free Agent Signings

The Browns didn't sign Mike Kudla, but they did sign several other players today. According to Dawg Bones, the list includes Tennessee Guard Rob Smith, Kansas DE Charlton Keith, Florida Tackle Lance Butler, Bowling Green WR Steve Sanders, Ferris State WR Carlton Brewster, Washington State Punter Kyle Basler, and Southern Illinois WR Brent Little.

The Browns most high-profile free agent signing was probably Wake Forest RB Chris Barclay. The good news: Barclay is the ACC Player of the Year. The bad news: he's 5'8" and 180 lbs.


Vinny said...

Don't despair about Chris Barclay's small size. When Belichik was here he proved with Eric Metcalf that you don't have to have a burly runner to send him up the middle...repeatedly.

jimbo said...

The best part of that post is that you got the info from Dawg Bones. Probably because you can't find those signings anywhere on, which is just ridiculous.