Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Browns Still Trying to Make a Move at QB?

Sunday's overtures to the Lions about a trade for Joey Harrington apparently were just the start of efforts to move Trent Dilfer. It looks like the Browns are trying to engineer a trade for Dilfer, but don't want to be left with Charlie Frye as their only alternative at QB.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the 49ers are interested in acquiring Trent Dilfer, but that the Browns won't part with him unless they're able to find an experienced QB to compete with Frye. The Browns appear to be trying to do just that. According to this report, the Raiders turned down a trade proposal from the Browns involving backup QB Marques Tuiasosopo.

Kerry Collins and Steve McNair are the two biggest names being shopped right now, with the Titans reportedly engaging in on again, off again talks with the Ravens about a deal for McNair while also playing footsie with Collins. Tommy Maddox is also on the market, but he's a disaster.

Dilfer's obviously not happy with the situation here, so stay tuned.

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