Friday, April 28, 2006

Welcome Sopranos Cast

If you check out the comments on the last two posts (here and here) you'll find that our comments section appears to have been taken over by fictional New Jersey mobsters.

Naturally, I hold Vinny responsible for this.

No offense to Uncle Junior, Joey Peeps, Tony Blundetto's Ghost or any other member of the DiMeo or Lupertazzi crime families, but I'll be honest with you--I liked it a lot better when the lesbian Chicago Bear fans dominated our comments section.

Still, while you guys are here, could you put a horse head in Gilbert Arenas's bed or something? Thanks.

1 comment:

Chris Moltisanti said...

Hey, we like lesbians too. I tried to get Adrianna to hook up with her friend that turned out to be with the FBI.
I gave up a lot for the life.