Thursday, April 13, 2006

Oh Shit!

I guess the sports gods finally noticed that the good people of Cleveland were having a little too much fun. After all, the Browns have made some seriously good acquisitions, the Tribe started the first week of the season by taking series against Central foes, the White Sox and the Twinks, and the Cavs made the playoffs.

It's the last one that may have been turned into a front -page Cleveland joke. Tonight, the Chosen One, LeBron James, sprained his ankle in a meaningless game. I just ran across the story after posting a short blog about the Tribe's loss. Geez. I hope all of the Browns are home in bed and not riding motorcycles or some other nonsense like that. Otherwise, today could be a Cleveland sports hat trick.

Anyway, no one knows how severe the sprain is. LeBron is saying the things the people who use you to adverstise want you to say to seem team-spirited and plucky in the the face of adversity about being ready to play, but that's a bunch of horseshit. The first thing that came to my mind when I read about the injury was when Ricky Mahorn elbowed Mark Price in the head in another meaningless game at the end of the season. The result was that Lenny Wilkens decided to sit Price in the opening game of the playoffs (at home) against the Chicago Bulls, a team the Cavs had owned during the regular season. Well, the Bulls and some guy named Jordan didn't cooperate with that plan, and beat the Cavs in game one. They then went on to win the thing in seven, and uh, you kinda know the rest. That guy named Jordan turned out to be a pretty good basketball player, a bad baseball player, and a horrible gambler.

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