Sunday, January 08, 2006

NFL Playoffs

If yesterday's NFL wild card games are any indication, it's time to start watching college basketball in earnest. The Redskins managed to muster a grand total of 120 yards of offense in their victory over Tampa Bay, but the Skins offense still looked better than Jacksonville and its peg legged QB, Byron Leftwich. About all you can say for the Jaguars is that they did manage to outpunt New England, and Jack Del Rio is a sharper dresser than Belichick.

Meanwhile, the NFLcontinued its descent into barbarism when Redskins' safety Sean Taylor spit in the face of Bucs' running back Michael Pittman. Taylor was ejected for the incident, but I think that's a dumb way to handle it. I think that if somebody spits in your face, the referee ought to hand you a baseball bat and make the other guy take his helmet off. This approach would not only help to deter such conduct, but would also make these incidents much more entertaining from a fan's perspective when they did occur.

On the bright side, it looks like Marcus Vick, who declared for the NFL draft only moments after Frank Beamer kicked him off of Virginia Tech's football team, is going to fit right in. You'll remember that when we last saw Marcus, he was "accidentally" stomping the crap out of the leg of a Louisville defensive player in the Gator Bowl. You should click on the link above, if for no other reason than to read Vick's "non-apology apology" for his conduct.

Let's hope today's games are a little more entertaining and a little less thuggish.

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