Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Marcus Vick Will Fit Right In

Looks like Marcus Vick managed to get himself in a little more hot water, this time with the police. Gee, why doesn't his brother take him aside and give him a little tough love? Maybe it's because Michael Vick is too busy fighting the lawsuit that was brought against him for allegedly giving a woman herpes.

At least one scribe has said that Marcus' latest antics should disqualify him from the NFL until he gets his head together. I disagree. Marcus will fit in very well in the NFL, where criminal charges and generally anti-social conduct are as much a part of life as signing bonuses. If you don't believe me, check out the list that appears here. When you do look at that list, bear in mind that it hasn't been updated in more than two years, and also note how well the Browns are represented. In addition to William Green's well known problems, Antonio Bryant, Cosey Coleman and Ryan Tucker have all had run-ins with the law--and I'm not even counting DUIs, like the one Reuben Droughns got nabbed for last fall.

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Hornless Rhino said...

Oops, forgot Josh Cribbs' drug bust during his Kent State days.