Sunday, January 15, 2006

Circle Two of the Inferno

Surely by now, you must have realized that this weekend ushered us to Dante's second circle of hell. It's a place mute of all light where the wind blows like a tempest. Sinners are blown about eternity by unquenchable winds of desire, buffetting the souls as punishment for their transgressions. In this case, the transgressions that put us all here are our blind loyalty to the Cleveland Browns and our sentimental belief that somehow good---the Browns and their fans---will triumph over evil: the Steelers, the Bengals and the Ravens. The souls stuck in the second level are there because they betrayed reason in pursuit of pleasure. If you're a Browns fan, you qualify. For those of us who have followed the Pumpkin Heads for some time, what is worse than an AFC Championship game between the hated Steelers and the team that kept the Browns from going to a Super Bowl, the Denver Broncos?

That's what just happened. I feel like driving a nail into my head.

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