Sunday, January 01, 2006

Big moment in football

Yeah, the Browns won a meaningless game today. The most significant things in it were that the defense played well against a lousy quarterback and that Charlie Frye came back strong in the second half after spending big parts of the first half flat on his back.

The Browns followed suit in winning their final and meaningless game for the third straight year. Last year they beat the Texans 22-14. The year before, they beat Cincinnati 22-14. In '02, they beat Atlanta 24-16 (that one wasn't meaningless). I guess that given their recent history the new Browns are good for 20 points or more in their final game.

Once again, the final game victory will drop them down on draft day. On this point, I disagree with my Hornless friend. Then again, unlike the Rhino, I didn't pony up for an overpriced PSL. While I savor any victory over the Ravens, I'll be disappointed about this one on draft day.
But hell, they won, and they beat Art's former team. So, hip hip hooray. Pass me another Rolling Rock and I'll toast the undefeated 2006 Browns.

Now, the big moment in football had nothing to do with the Browns. It was in the Patriots game, or as Howard Cosell might have said, "the suddenly resurgent Patriots' game." During the Pats' attempt to get back into the game against the Dolphins, 43-year-old Doug Flutie successfully drop-kicked the point after. That hadn't been done for 64 years. That's impressive. Doug, this 'Rock's for you.

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