Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sometimes, I RULE!!

Like Kevin Spacey in American Beauty, I have a couple of reasons to throw my hands up in the air and announce "I RULE!!"

First, if you check outl my October 31st post titled "The Cleveland Clowns," you'll find that I told everyone to face the fact that the Browns had a loser's mentality. You only had to wait six weeks to get the identical message from the Beacon Journal's Terry Pluto, who shared this conclusion with everyone on Monday, in a column titled "Losing Culture Plagues Browns."

Second, in early November, I posted about the Browns v. Steelers game. In that post, I commented on the seasonality of Cleveland sports, and pointed out the annual bout of premature Cavs' euphoria had begun, and that the fans' mood, and the Cavs' play, would eventually head south. I said it would take two months, but as the front page of today's PD sports section demonstrates, it took only one (see "Cavs Slide Doesn't Sit Well").

I may be doing only a little better than .500 on the Browns games, but you've gotta gimme some love for these calls. Even putting aside the lesbians in the comment section, Vinny and the Hornless Rhino remains the Cleveland sports fan's best value.

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